Sharing Drive

An enterprise-grade cloud file sharing service for all sized businesses. Allow you to work and access your files from anywhere and collaborate with your business partners securely.


Data Security

Easy File Access and Sharing

Cross Platform Collaboration

SharingDrive only works with certificates digitally signed by trusted CA. Your data is stored securely with robust, highly secure, industry-leading encryption (AES 256-bit)

Access your files securely with SharingDrive web, desktop and mobile clients. Secure sharing via public link with options to set an expiry date and password give you more control and security to your sharing

SharingDrive works with Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Easy to collaborate with your business partners.

File Retention / Recovery


Audit Reports

Never lose a file version as SharingDrive saves up to 999 changed editions of a single file and can recover files after Ransomware attack

Comply with regulations as SharingDrive supports GDPR for private, hybrid and public clouds

SharingDrive gives audit reports to administrator to see what’s going on with shared files/folders

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