Causes of Data Loss







Can you afford to loosedata?

Is your Sync&Share secure?

Where is your data located?



50% of corporate data lives on laptops and mobile   devices. Only 25% of users back up…

Many pay money to Ransomware because they have no Backup.

Get your files secure anytime, anywhere!!!

•On Line • Off Line • On Site • Off Site • Private Cloud • Public Secure Cloud • Hybrid • Portable •

Stationary •


Have you thought about what happens:

•   if your computer gets stolen or simply forget it at home when leave for the meeting?

•   incase of a disaster? If your office building burns down, get flooded or electrical malfunction?

•   in case you are not allowed to enter your office building?

•   with the newly created data in your computer if the hard drive breaks?

•   if you get a virus that infects your important data, or a hacker/malware/ransomeware encrypts your data?

•   if you locate your data on international servers and a political dispute interrupts the traffic?

You need your data in a secure location. Protected and accessible 24/7.Loosing data is expensive, and usually it’s the newest data that is the most precious.






Backup everyone, everywhere all the time.


Run on your existing hardware, our managed appliances , Cloud only, or all…

One month of free demo, Private, on-site or Public for everyone.

Large file distribution.

100% control of your data.

Easy to use. Light on network. No coffee breaks. It just works.

Install and forget it, until you need it.


People-friendly backup for your business.

The most flexible, reliable and secure backup solution for enterprises, also the easiest to deploy and manage.


Automatic & Continuous Backup Cross Platform restore and migration User initiated restores

Military grade security encryption Flexible file selection

Multiple simultaneous destinations Local backup

Self managed, self healing technology

Unlimited (and we mean it)

On-site, Off-site, Public, Private, Hybrid



Laptop optimised


Lowest TCO

Effective and robust


Enterprise-ready File- Sync & Share, simplified!

SharingDrive, The sync and share platform that keeps

information flowing, teams collaborating and businesshumming, securely, in real-time, between all endpoints, from the get-go.


Optional on-premise private cloud deployment

Remote wipe

End-to-end 256 Bit encryption

Directory integration

Scalability with no limits


Cross platform restore

Silent & Continuous

Truly unlimited

User managed

Sync/Share any File



Inspired by CrashPlan’s proven success in the global

enterprise space, we’re pleased to offer this data protection solution to Thailand’s enterprises, SMB’s and governmental organisations. Now your company can experience the same innovative and high security backup technology that organisations in America, Europe and Asia have come to trustto protect their data.


A certified, experienced data protection engineer with a long-standing relationship with the developer and on-going product education, ensures that your solution maintains its peak performance and scales for future growth.

Since its release in 2007, and with exabytes of protected data, CrashPlan continues to safeguard well-known enterprises around the world – with no end in sight