MAMSS, Upcoming new services

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We are always finding new ways to keep our customers data secure. Now we are looking into new services to provide to your organisation so you can sleep good at night.

We will be offering

Maintenance, for Servers hosted in our datacenter as well as Servers hosted in remote datacenters, like your own or if you rent space in one. We keep everything up to date so you don’t have to think about it.

Administration, We will administer solutions for you no matter where your services is located.

Monitoring, 24/7 we will keep an eye on everything, making sure all is good and up and running.

Surveillance, with our tools we keep track of what is going on in your organisation. Is someone behaving suspicious by copy too many files to removable devices or cloud services?  We can even monitor your security cameras.

Servers, we can host your servers, dedicated or Virtual. On-Site, Off-Site, in Our Datacenter or in our partners datacenter.

More information soon.